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Buildings under construction and public works sites

Improving the quality of the air breathed by your teams, eliminating the noise produced by generators during the construction phase of a building or public works site (tunnels, bridges, dams, roads) - our green energy storage and supply solutions are the environmentally friendly answer to the challenges you face on your construction sites.

Replace generators with a mobile power supply unit for your construction sites and enhance your environmental approach. GCK Energy adapts to the needs of and constraints faced by public works companies.

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Promoting environmentally friendly construction and buildings

GCK Energy offers a complete range of expertise in terms of energy supply during the construction phase of your site. Our offers to the building and public works sector consist of assistance with the following:

  • Providing project management assistance for the final design of the project (final building performance, self-consumption, reduced reliance on the grid)
  • Integrating an exemplary building site approach (environmental label such as HQE High Environmental Quality, BREAM, LEEDS)
  • Responding to the need for clean energy supply to meet local environmental constraints (LEZ, time constraints for power installation)

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Meeting energy needs on construction sites

Does the equipment you use requires high power, network reinforcement or the smoothing of consumption peaks? The experts at GCK Energy can help you to deploy:

  • Mobile recharging solutions for a fleet of construction equipment: excavators, compactors or portable electric vehicles,
  • Power supply solutions up to 200KVA to support or eliminate the use of on-site generators.
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Ensuring the safety of your teams when working in a confined space

Do your teams work on construction sites in confined spaces: isolated rooms, tunnels or underground sites? Special attention must be paid to air quality. In these situations, generators are dangerous and unsuitable. Our mobile storage and power units with lithium-ion batteries provide the energy you need, without toxic CO2 emissions, for:

  • Charging tools
  • Lighting
  • Powering machines and equipment

Our low-carbon energy supply solutions are silent. Their deployment improves working comfort, communication flow and the safety of those working on site. Depending on your needs and problems, we adapt our services in terms of weight and battery power.

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Reducing CO2 emissions during major works

A construction or renovation site requires an additional energy supply that often exceeds the capacity of the local grid.

Often, a construction site may not yet be connected to the network.

In response to increased air quality control in city centres, GCK Energy offers mobile green energy storage and supply devices. These replace diesel generators that no longer meet the specifications needed to provide this additional energy. Our mobile lithium-ion battery storage and power units offer a clean energy solution with no CO2 emissions or noise pollution for construction sites.

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Integrating a temporary electric vehicle charging facility

Do you want to offer a complete package to your teams with electric vehicles and equipment? GCK Energy can help you with its mobile recharging devices, adapted to construction site situations or field operations.

This provides your teams with an efficient and environmentally responsible green energy supply for their electric vehicles during the construction phase.


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