Réduire son emprunte carbon lors d'un événement



Organising an environmentally friendly event with clean energy

Do you want to organise an environmentally friendly event? Have you already identified suppliers who meet the requirements of such a label, chosen a venue, transport solutions, catering, waste treatment etc. All that remains is to choose which partner will provide you with clean energy, suited to your needs and which allows you to reduce your impact on the environment.

Find out how GCK Energy can help.

Production d'énergie verte pour la presse

Replace your generators with a green power solution

Whether it's an outdoor concert, a remote festival or a sports competition, our green energy storage and power solutions offer the perfect silent and environmentally friendly solution for any type of event. Replace generators with a mobile power supply and energy storage unit for your event and go green!

Remplacer un groupe électrogène thermique par l'électricité

Why opt for clean energy at your event?

When we help you organise an environmentally friendly event, our solutions and know-how enable you to:

  • Enhance your environmental approach: our green energy storage and supply devices are compatible with ISO 20121 and ISO14001 standards;
  • Replace thermal energy supply solutions, either fully or partially: our technical solutions allow us to limit CO2 and noise emissions on a local scale;
  • Opt for local energy production solutions, such as solar energy,
  • Support carbon-free travel by setting up mobile and temporary charging stations for visitors and teams;
  • Supplement your recharging service until definitive solutions are in place.
Accompagnement en alimentation d'énergie verte

Choose the right mobile and flexible power solution

Because most events are temporary, and some even nomadic, organisers need flexible and mobile power solutions.

We bring sustainable energy where and when you need it for your event. Our most compact power solutions can even be deployed by one person!

It’s now easy to eliminate the use of generators for events. Whatever yourrequirements, consider GCK Energy's green energy storage and power solutions.

Recharge de véhicules électrique

Offering solutions for electric vehicle fleet managers

Do your teams have a fleet of electric vehicles but few or no charging points on site?

GCK Energy can support you with fast and slow, temporary and permanent recharging devices to give you quick access to electric vehicle recharging solutions.


Need support for your event?

Do you want to organise an event that is environmentally responsible in terms of power supply? The GCK Energy team will advise you on how to optimise your energy needs.