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GCK Energy

GCK Energy serving your energy transition needs

GCK Energy's expertise and know-how covers the entire spectrum of requirements from production to the deployment of storage and clean energy supply equipment. We’ll support you in any projects associated with:

Our offer includes equipment and logistical solutions as well as project preparation and management: location, technical study, electrical connection procedure, application for permits, installation site, deployment of charging points and terminals, safety, environment, etc.

What are the benefits of mobile supply?

Thanks to their storage capacity, GCK Energy's mobile power solutions replace "traditional" generators and allow us to:

  • Fournir une énergie électrique verte partout, même en conditions extrêmes
  • Smooth out energy consumption peaks and thereby minimise the size of the power supply infrastructure
  • Guarantee continuity of supply for strategic sites in the event of network failure
  • Integrate intermittent renewable energy sources into the grid
  • Recharge the growing number of electric vehicles

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