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Green Energy Supply


Storing and supplying green energy

GCK Energy provides its customers with clean energy generation, storage and supply solutions to accelerate the decarbonisation of their business.

With our high performance lithium-ion battery devices, we’ll help you reduce the carbon footprint of your event, construction site or electric vehicle charging facility. GCK Energy enhances and anchors your projects’ environmental approach by avoiding pollution and eliminating noise while allowing you to minimise your diesel consumption.

Our mobile and temporary solutions allow our experts to deliver the energy needed for your project with ease.

0 % additional noise emissions
100% Mobile
0 % local C02 emissions
100% Modular
Batteries Lithium-Ion pour stocker

Anticipating your energy needs

Our solutions can provide decarbonised energy in two ways:

  • Off-grid: we store electricity in lithium-ion batteries to meet your electricity needs independently;
  • On the grid: our equipment accumulates energy from the grid and allows us to meet a need for power or smooth out a consumption peak.

GCK Energy meets the need for energy transition and sustainability through access to state-of-the-art technologies.

Alimentation en énergie verte

Strengthening your network

To compensate for the absence or lack of power available on your network, GCK Energy can provide you with mobile and modular power solutions in which mobile and modular lithium-ion batteries are used. Our equipment will supplement the network’s power, ensuring a continuous supply or creating it.

A storage unit can reach up to 330kWh. Our devices will be calibrated to your needs and can be duplicated and connected to increase the power.

The advantages of our network strengthening solutions

  • Secure
  • Mobile
  • Autonomous
Branchement temporaire au réseau

Temporary network connection

Does your business require a temporary connection to the power grid?

GCK Energy deploys a temporary grid connection system within hours until a permanent solution is installed. Our carbon-free energy storage and supply system is a real alternative to generators, reducing noise, odour and diesel costs.

Advantage of the temporary grid solution:

  • Reduce the set-up time needed to support your business
  • Allow temporary connection to the power grid during maintenance
  • Secure an emergency power supply on an electrical network at risk


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