Stockage d'énergie, nos solutions

Smoothing out consumption peaks


Managing your electricity network

Our energy management solutions allow you to monitor and calibrate your temporary power peak requirements. Composed of power conversion modules, storage batteries (lithium-ion) and inverters for renewable energy management, they allow you to optimise your installations and needs on the network.

Our technical solutions have been developed to offer you

  • Additional power to your grid connection (from 10kW to 200kVA).
  • A UPS (uninterruptible power source) backup for your equipment without the need for generators.

Find out how to respond to peaks in activity on your electricity network with GCK Energy's technical devices.

100 % Adaptable
100% Modular
Solutions en alimentation mobile

Avoid congestion on the power network

The capacity of your power network struggles to meet demand during peak periods, leading to congestion. Our power supply devices allow you to smooth out these peaks thanks to a battery storage system that can deliver high power when needed. Thus, our offer can be used on a low power network.

Our solutions are:

  • Quick to deploy
  • Silent and clean
  • Mobile and flexible


Augmentation de capacité

Increasing the power of your electricity network

Do you want to temporarily increase the power connection to your electricity network? GCK Energy deploys its technical "On grid" solution to extend the capacity of your network. We meet your need for clean energy whether you’re waiting for a connection to the grid or facing a temporary lack of power. Our system is calibrated according to your needs and can be set up in a few hours.

When to use our technical solutions?

  • Modification of the application following construction work
  • Need to respond to seasonal peaks in activity
  • Increase in the number of electric vehicles to be charged
Quick set up
Off-grid deployment
Simplified integration


Do you need support in managing your electricity network?

Would you like support in managing your electricity network?