Responsible and sustainable concerts – VYV Festival


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The brief: Eddy de Pretto, Liam Gallagher, Véronique Sanson… The bill for the VYV Festival in Dijon is attractive! All that remains is to set up the three stages in the Parc de la Combe à la Serpent and supply them with green electricity. Because yes, the organizers are committed to making their event part of an ecological, responsible and sustainable approach. To carry out this mission, they contact the agency La Coulisse, event designer.

The answer: To power part of the site off-grid, La Coulisse relies on our 200 kVA / 300 kWh energy storage container, our 12 KVA / 20 kWh energy storage bay and three Frame-Watt solar roofs from our manufacturing partner Ecosun Innovations. This device produces 300 kWh and distributes 500 kWh of carbon-free energy. Result ? 20,000 happy spectators!


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