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Electric vehicle charging


Developing charging devices for electric vehicles

To meet the challenges of the rapid growth of electric vehicles on your network, GCK Energy offers temporary green energy supply solutions to:

  • Respond to power peaks demanded by fast charging;
  • Quickly deploy a charging device suitable for a fleet of electric vehicles;
  • Gain experience before making a long-term investment;
  • Show your leadership in promoting clean mobility;
  • Secure your network with a Backup Unit (UPS).
100 % Silent
100% Carbon-free
100% Mobile
100% Modular
solution de recharge énergie

Motorway rest areas and service stations: opt for additional charging during busy periods!

Faced with the exponential increase in the number of electric cars, regulations require the deployment of charging stations, particularly on the motorway network. While waiting for the availability of power from the final installations, GCK Energy supports you in setting up temporary solutions adapted to your needs, particularly in terms of charging power.

In addition to the equipment already available, and in the case of busy periods, GCK Energy can size and deploy temporary charging solutions for your services for busy periods (holiday departures in particular).


Recharge de véhicules électrique

Offering solutions to electric vehicle fleet managers

Do you have a fleet of vehicles or do you want to equip yourself? Do you have charging points on your sites but have you identified needs on your worksites or temporary study sites? GCK Energy brings you robust and temporary mobile charging solutions to meet the challenges you face.

Motorsports: organize an eco-responsible event!

Do you want to develop your motorsport event towards a more responsible approach? In order to meet the labeling requirements, you will need to work with a partner that efficiently provides you with green energy adapted to your needs.

GCK Energy supports all sectors of activity, including motorsport, to help you reduce your impact on the environment by renting technical solutions for storing and supplying clean energy.

Solution de recharge mobile de véhicule électrique

Vehicle launch: use the services of GCK Energy!

As a manufacturer, do you want to mark the launch of your new electric vehicle? Our various mobile charging solutions have been designed to meet your needs for an event, trade show or press launch. They are quick and easy to set up!


Example: Launch of the new E-Transit Ford



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