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The company


At GCK Energy, we want to contribute to the energy transition by offering solutions for the production, storage and supply of green, carbon-free, self-produced and renewable energy.

Today, we offer the rental and sale of various temporary, mobile and accessible solutions for the production, storage and supply of clean energy,  with or without connection to the networks.

Each of its solutions is intended to be pragmatic and concrete in order to best meet the different challenges of all of our customers. GCK Energy’s capacity for innovation, productivity and responsiveness allow it to win the trust of its client partners and support them in the development of their projects.


2019 year of creation
12 employees
170 units
+16 000 KVA total power deployed

GCK Energy is betting on renewable energies.

“Our company offers mobile and temporary solutions for the storage and supply of high-performance carbon-free energy, compatible with clean energy sources. By opting for our green technology, you contribute to build a sustainable world while enjoying immediate benefits.”

Eric Boudot


Our strengths

Mastery of energy storage
Integration of renewable energies
A complete catalog of solutions
Mobility and transport innovation
Proximity with GCK Battery
A multidisciplinary team
Limiter la pollution

Respond to climate change and become players in the energy revolution

Preserving our planet has become a major issue. Human activity is today the main cause of the acceleration of global warming: depletion of fossil fuels, deforestation, mass industrialization, intensive farming, etc. The energy revolution is underway and is based on the joint creation of a decentralized system for the production and distribution of renewable energies and the ability to store part of these energies in the form of hydrogen in particular.

At GCK Energy, we want to do our part by offering clean energy solutions and facilitating the transition to a greener world. Our mission ? Participate in the acceleration of the transition to the energy of tomorrow, self-produced, storable and renewable and bring pragmatic and concrete solutions to our customers to support them in optimizing their resources and infrastructures

GCK Energy’s innovations offer an answer to the challenges of storing and supplying renewable energy. Our expertise is based on the integration of these energies, the control of storage and innovation in mobility and transport

Panneaux Voltaïques pour production d'électricité

Our expertise – Electric

Our ability to store electrical energy is at the heart of our system and allows us to provide answers to a wide range of needs by making energy mobile, whether on-grid or off-grid:

  • Replace diesel generators to produce electricity off-grid, even in extreme conditions
  • Guarantee continuity of supply for strategic sites in case of network failure
  • Strengthen the power of the existing network
  • Smooth energy consumption peaks and thus avoid grid congestion
  • Allow a temporary connection to the network while waiting for a permanent solution
  • Charging the growing number of electric vehicles and machines
Consulting - calibrage des besoins en alimentation électrique

Our expertise – Hydrogen

While the deployment of carbon-free hydrogen is still limited, GCK Energy is a reference in the structuring of the hydrogen sector by offering a range of mobile refueling solutions adapted to a wide range of use to promote priming hydrogen ecosystems:

  • Support throughout the value chain: supply, transport, logistics, distribution
  • Mobile and relocatable solutions on demand
  • With or without embedded electrolysis
  • High energy autonomy for minimal bulk and weight
  • Reduced tank filling time
  • An optimized and personalized design for landscape integration

Accompagnement en alimentation d'énergie verte

Why call on the experts at GCK Energy?

By entrusting us with your projects, you get the guarantee of:

  • The integration of renewable energies in your projects.
  • Controlling the storage of carbon-free and local energy
  • Innovation in mobility and transport
  • Promoting your environmental initiatives