Solution d'alimentation en énergie verte
Take clean energy wherever you need it



Rent temporary clean energy solutions

Through rentals, GCK Energy provides temporary and mobile green energy supply solutions, with and without grid connection.

Does your business need off-grid power, to replace thermal generators with electric ones, to strengthen your network, to smooth out consumption peaks or even to charge electric vehicles? We can help you, where and when you need it.

Our mobile energy storage solutions are manufactured in France and meet the highest standards.



Open-air concerts, festivals, sports competitions and more. Discover our green energy supply and storage solutions

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Construction sites

Valoriser la démarche environnementale de votre chantier ou trouver une solution d’apport en énergie verte ? GCK Energy vous accompagne…

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Motor sport

Pistes, paddocks, circuits automobiles, rallye raid… Découvrez nos solutions de stockage et apport en énergie verte

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Vehicle recharging

Discover our mobile charging solutions for electric vehicles. Technical devices that are simple to install and use.

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Road Operators

Opting for top-up charging during peak periods, meeting regulatory requirements, GCK Energy supports you in your transition to clean energy.

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Remplacer un groupe électrogène thermique par l'électricité
Motorsport : événement propre grâce à l'électricité
Borne de recharge de véhicule électrique temporaire
Opérateurs routiers - décarbonation des transports


Equipment for storage, power supply, recharging and additional energy needs

Our temporary and mobile green energy storage and supply solutions will support your business: recharging electric vehicles, smoothing out consumption peaks, supplementing the grid... Discover our catalogue.

Container mobile - électricité

200kVA / 300kWh mobile container

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Rapid charging station

Augmenter la capacité des points de charge pour véhicules électriques sans modification majeure de l’infrastrucure existante

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Valise d'alimentation et stockage d'électricité

1kW/2kWh Energy Case

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