Fuel your vehicle with hydrogen


A dedicated offer for refueling hydrogen vehicles

Since 2020, many countries, including France, have adopted ambitious development strategies to rapidly bring out a competitive carbon-free hydrogen sector.

Ideal for fueling vehicles, hydrogen is already accelerating the decarbonisation of the transport sector, the main contributor to CO2 emissions.

100 % Silent
100% Carbon-free
100% Mobile
100% Modular

The expertise of GCK Energy

  • Promote the priming of hydrogen ecosystems
  • Deploy in a short time a refueling device adapted to a fleet of hydrogen vehicles
  • Support public authorities looking for a solution for a captive fleet of a few units or a larger fleet of vehicles
  • Help you gain experience before making a long-term investment
  • Propose refueling solutions for special machines or vehicles: agricultural or construction equipment, off-road, boats​


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