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Energy bay – 12 kVa 22 kWh

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Description Technical specification

The energy bay is an innovative and compact technical device allowing the energy produced by photovoltaic panels, a generator or the network to be stored in Lithium-Ion batteries. This storage solution can be used to supply isolated sites, to supplement energy and to provide security (UPS).

Automatic energy management

The multifunction of the whole allows the automatic management of the available energies by exploiting in priority the photovoltaic energy. It can automatically manage the start-up of a generator or the back-up of the local network when there is insufficient photovoltaic energy production.

MPPT controller

The Energy Bay is equipped with an MPPT regulator allowing direct connection. It has “plug and play” connectors for immediate use as soon as it is put in place.

A solution for partial or total autonomy

The particularity of GCK Energy solutions is to produce and store DC energy (direct current) in TBS (very low safety voltage) and to transform this energy into alternating current that is perfectly compatible and synchronizable with the network. Either

Single phase: 230V-50Hz (1P+N+T)
Three-phase: 230/400V – 50Hz (3P-N-T)

Données Techniques
Spécificités électriques
BatterieLithium type NMC
Capacité20 kWh
Puissance continue10 kW
Puissance max (30 min.)12 kW
Format d'entréeP17 32A
Format de sortieP17 32A
Données produit
Dimensions790x790x1580 mm
Poids+/- 300 kg

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