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What is H2 refueling?

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All about mobile refueling

Easy to produce and store, hydrogen can be transformed into electricity through the use of a fuel cell without polluting emissions. This gas, compressed at high pressure in a secure tank, offers great energy autonomy for reduced size and weight. The advantages of using hydrogen:

  • Zero CO2 emissions
  • Storage of a large amount of energy for a limited weight and size
  • Reduced tank recharge time
  • Quiet operation
  • Limited impact of ambient temperature on battery life
How quickly will my station be deployed?

Depending on the availability of equipment and depending on the need, the station can be deployed within a period ranging from one to four months, obtaining prefectural authorizations included.

How is hydrogen produced?

There are many ways to produce hydrogen. The reforming of natural gas by superheated water vapor (conversion of molecules using chemical reactions) or steam reforming, is the most widely used method. It can also be produced by electrolysis of water, a process that our autonomous stations are able to carry out on site. We favor this low-carbon solution when possible. Otherwise, our stations are supplied by an external supply of hydrogen, sourced by us.

How and how often is my hydrogen tank filled?

The filling can be done as soon as necessary, without delay.

GCK: a major player in decarbonization

GCK promotes the deployment of hydrogen ecosystems by offering a complete and unique range of H2 mobility solutions:

  • Development of innovative technologies: hydrogen combustion engine, fuel cell.
  • Retrofitting of all types of vehicles: cars, boats, coaches, buses, trucks, snow groomers, refuse collection vehicles, construction machinery.
  • Hydrogen distribution and supply.