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Electro-hydrogen group EODev

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The EODev electro-hydrogen unit, the most compact and efficient on the market, is zero emissions and has an instantaneous power of 100 kVA to 1 MVA.

Scalable and easy to use, the H2 container is equipped with the latest generation of Toyota fuel cells, giving it great reliability and record life.

Using the connected mobile charging station:

Yard / Motorsport

Strong performance and ease of use:

  • Connected and monitored
  • Predictive maintenance and remote support
  • HMI – Touch interface + optional remote interface
  • Continuity of service with double supply H2 – Switchover possible
  • Protection index – IP43
  • Operating temperature – – 5 to + 45°C
  • Frost protection – Integrated 230V socket for frost protection
  • Handling / Lifting – Rings + location for forklift
  • Behavior when empty and at low loads – Rings + space for operating forklift required
  • Compliance with ISO/CE standards
Puissance de sortieCos phi = 1 Cos phi = 0.8
Puissance nominale (PRP)80kW 100kVA
Puissance de secours (ESP) 1h88kW 110kVA
Durée de vie13 000 heures
Autonomie à 50% PRP (un rack V18)Environ 8 h
Tension de sortie230 / 400 V – 50 Hz
Régime de neutreTT

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