Power supply solutions


Production, storage and supply of electricity

GCK Energy offers its customers power generation, storage and supply solutions that enable them to accelerate the decarbonization of their activities.

GCK Energy’s strength is based on its ability to adapt its responses according to the required sizing and to deploy ultra-fast mobile solutions for the storage and supply of clean electricity both on-grid and off-grid. GCK Energy values ​​and anchors the environmental approach of your projects by reducing the risk of pollution (air pollution, noise, etc.).

A real alternative to generators, CO2 and noise emitters, our mobile and temporary solutions allow you to deliver the energy needed for your project with ease.

0 % additional noise emissions
100% Mobile
0 % of local CO2 emissions
100% Modular
Batteries Lithium-Ion pour stocker

Predict your energy needs

GCK Energy meets energy transition and sustainability requirements through access to cutting-edge technologies. Our solutions can provide carbon-free energy by 2 distribution methods:

  • Off-grid: we store electricity in lithium-ion batteries to meet your needs independently,
  • On-grid: our equipment accumulates energy from the network and makes it possible to meet a need for power or smooth out a peak in consumption.

On-Grid Operation

In order to compensate for the absence or lack of power available on your network, GCK Energy provides you with mobile and modular power solutions in which lithium-ion batteries are used. Our equipment will supplement the power of the network, ensure a continuous supply or create it.

  • Additional power supply: ​in case of the subscribed power being too low for a temporary event, the mobile container ensures the electrical reinforcement of the installation.
  • Emergency power supply: ​the continuity of the power supply to temporary installations is often critical.​ In the event of loss of the network, the mobile container guarantees the availability of the power supply.​​

A storage unit can reach up to 330 kWh. Our devices will be calibrated according to your needs and can be duplicated and connected to increase their power.

Our network reinforcement solutions have many advantages: they are secure, mobile and autonomous.

Off-Grid Operation

  • Autonomous power supply: the mobile container makes it possible to supply an isolated network completely autonomously for a limited period of time by functioning as a voltage generator.
  • Power supply with ENR: voltage generator, the mobile container provides, in association with a photovoltaic installation, the supply of isolated sites with clean energy.

Electricity production, storage and supply devices


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