Solutions for hydrogen mobility


Discover GCK Energy’s hydrogen refueling solutions!

Hydrogen, a molecule present in large quantities on earth, will play a major role over the next few years in achieving carbon neutrality. Since 2020, many countries, including France, have adopted ambitious development strategies to rapidly bring out a competitive carbon-free hydrogen sector. Thanks to its mobile solutions requiring only a low level of development and civil engineering, GCK Energy supports private and public users with limited initial hydrogen consumption to then meet the gradual increase in their needs.

Why use GCK Energy and its agile hydrogen supply solutions?

  • Mobile and relocatable solutions on demand
  • With or without on-board electrolysis
  • Optimized and personalized design for landscape integration
  • Event-driven or permanent solutions

GCK Energy allows you to have space-saving stations to start your hydrogen ecosystem today.

Agile hydrogen distributor that brings you a solution, anywhere and anytime:

  • We support public and private actors/ ETIs looking for a charging solution for a captive fleet of a few units or a larger fleet of vehicles.
  • We offer hydrogen refueling solutions for your machinery or special vehicles: agricultural or construction equipment, off-road, heavy goods vehicles or boats… No limit to agile storage!
  • We intervene with our mobile and agile solutions in addition to energy companies’ solutions to harmonize the production, distribution and consumption chain.


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