Solutions for electric mobility


Charging solutions adapted to your needs

Electric vehicles are increasingly on the road. Reception areas must therefore diversify by offering charging stations adapted to demand.

GCK Energy provides concrete answers to the lack of fast and ultra-fast charging solutions and the insufficiency of the networks to anticipate unusual peaks in demand (weekends, holidays, etc.)

We can help you optimize your electrical infrastructure and capture new customers, whether you are a service station, a motorway rest area, an event or a municipality.

Borne de recharge de EV

Your company wants :

  • To quickly have charging stations for its new fleet of electric vehicles;
  • Temporarily strengthen its charging structure;
  • Provide a flexible solution to meet seasonal demand for charging electric and hybrid vehicles.

GCK Energy offers you various mobile electric vehicle charging solutions that adapt to your needs and can be deployed in record time.

Temporary charging solutions

To meet the challenges of increasing electrification and mitigate the risk-taking linked to a substantial investment, GCK Energy offers mobile charging solutions allowing you to:

  • Respond to power peaks requested by fast charging;
  • Quickly deploy a charging device suitable for a fleet of electric vehicles;
  • Gain experience before making a long-term investment;
  • Show your leadership in promoting clean mobility.

Multiple solutions for different uses

GCK Energy adapts to the needs of users. Our company offers adjusted electric vehicle charging devices, whether it is a need for fast charging or slow charging.

Alternating Current (AC) Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Do you have a fleet of electric vehicles parked on average between 3 and 8 hours and are looking for an alternating current device? AC charging can sustainably charge a fleet of vehicles with continuous power up to 100% SOC (State Of Charge).

Our electric vehicle upgrade equipment is compatible with a wide range of vehicles on the market, from competition cars to the most common production models.

In the case of a fleet of non-homogeneous vehicles, charging with alternating current is an effective solution to ensure maximum compatibility with all the solutions to be recharged.

Direct current (DC) electric vehicle charging solutions

Does your fleet of electric vehicles run on short rotations requiring rapid charging? Do you want to offer a recharge to your customers in a short time?

Our direct current electric vehicle charging stations allow you to fill up your batteries quickly thanks to a large amount of energy delivered in a short time.

Widely used at fast charging stations (motorway areas, supermarket car parks, car racing), our DC charging stations deliver a maximum amount of energy in 15-30 minutes, allowing you to charge up to 80- 90%* of SOC (State of Charge).

*Beyond this, charging will still be functional but will be limited by battery protection “derating” (depending on the vehicle).

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