Electric vehicle charging


Our references in the world of electric charging.

Discover how GCK Energy provided a solution to its clients to develop electric vehicle charging systems. 



Vinci Autoroutes

The brief: More and more road users are trusting electric vehicles for long-distance travel to their holiday destinations. With the approach of the summer holidays and the associated weekends of heavy traffic, VINCI Autoroutes aims to quickly put an additional charging station into service on the A7 highway between Marseille and Lyon.  

The response: Installed in just a few hours at the Saint-Rambert-d’Albon rest area, the Green Charger Koncept provides two DC combo CCS charging points, each with a power of 120 kW, as well as one 22 kW AC charging point. 


Total Energies

The brief: a need for strengthening charging solutions on the APR and Sanef Group highway networks at 6 rest areas.  

The response: Installation of dual 70 kW charging stations combined with a 200 kVA/300 KWh energy container to compensate for the limited power of the available networks. 

Borne de recharge de véhicules utilitaires électriques

The brief: to decarbonize its fleet of utility vehicles, the company COLAS is acquiring electric vehicles.  

The response: the company, specializing in mobility solutions and efficient, responsible transport infrastructure, approached GCK Energy to implement a quick and easy-to-deploy charging solution for its fleet of utility vehicles. 

Our products tailored to your needs!

Energy Container 200 kVA / 300 kWh

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Energy bay – 12 kVa 22 kWh

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Green Charger Koncept – Temporary charging station for electric vehicle

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Branchement temporaire au réseau

Mobile charging container 5×11-22 kW AC

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Pod AC 11 kW

Mobile charging module 4 x 11 kW AC

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Mobile charging station – 7,4 – 22 kW AC

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Borne de charge mobile 50KW

Mobile charging station 120 kW DC

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