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Our business cases related to construction sites

Find out how GCK Energy provided its customers with a solution for green energy on construction sites.

Our green energy storage and supply solutions offer a solution to the problems you encounter on your construction sites while being environmentally friendly: improving the quality of the air breathed by your teams, eliminating the noise produced by the generators, etc.

Bouygues Construction

The brief: The Bouygues Construction company wants to find an alternative to the use of generators on their construction sites. The objective is to reduce CO2 emissions.

The answer: The installation of our 200kVA / 300 kWh mobile container allowing:

  • A connection to the network (limited) to clear peaks during crane power calls.
  • A disconnection from the network to power the site independently and reduce the use of generators (noisy and polluting).


The brief: A daily energy requirement on construction sites, as part of its work on the production of solar electricity.

The answer: Install Solar GEM in just 3 hours. A 70 kWp modular solar field allowing daily savings of the equivalent of 300 kWh in optimal sunshine conditions.


The brief: In order to allow the recharging of 150 kWh batteries, offering 8 hours of autonomy, Mecalac relyed on the know-how of GCK Energy in order to provide a turnkey solution to users on construction sites lacking power supply.

The answer: GCK Energy deployed the 200 kVA/300 kWh energy container to recharge the E12 zero-emission excavator and highlight the off-grid charging solution made by GCK Energy.

Products adapted to your demand

Energy bay – 12 kVa 22 kWh

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Energy Container 200 kVA / 300 kWh

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Solar container 70 kWc

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Electro-hydrogen group EODev

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Valise d'alimentation et stockage d'électricité

Energy Suitcase 1 kW/2 kWh

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