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Technicien Opérationnel Solutions Mobiles

The brief: for the January 2021 Dakar Rally, A.S.O., the company which organized the Dakar, commissioned GCK Energy to power 25% of the NEOM bivouac in Saudi Arabia with green energy for three days. This operation was part of the #DakarFuture program launched by A.S.O. in November 2020 to transform its event into a leading technological and environmental platform, thereby contributing to the ongoing energy revolution. 

The response: GCK Energy met this challenge by installing several hundred square meters of solar panels, including its Solar Gem® solar roof and its mobile container with a capacity of 200 kW/300 kWh. 


The brief: in 2019, the promoter of the FIA World Rallycross Championship (WRX Promoter GmbH) and the FIA announced a groundbreaking transformation of the discipline by replacing traditional internal combustion engines with electric motors, providing the new E-supercars with acceleration performance superior to Formula 1 (0-100 km/h in 1.8 seconds). A consultation was initiated to find a solution for rapidly recharging the batteries of the 20 race cars with green electricity. 


The response: GCK Energy was chosen as the exclusive supplier of electric power solutions and charging infrastructure. In this capacity, our teams set up the necessary means and equipment for teams at each event. Between each race, the cars recharge by drawing energy from our containers (330 kWh each), e-Truck (200 kWh), and solar roofs. 

Rally of Morocco

The brief: In 2021, the organizer of the Rally of Morocco aims to contribute to the energy revolution by reducing the use of diesel generators that power the bivouac where competitors, journalists, medical personnel, and others work. 


The response: GCK Energy meets this challenge by deploying an impressive array of photovoltaic panels capable of generating over 50% of the required electricity. Used in the extreme conditions of the Sahara (extreme temperatures, dust), our installation delivers a maximum power of 200 kVA over the seven days of the event. 

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