Vehicle launching


Our references as a partner during a vehicle launch.

As manufacturer, do you want to make a statement for the launch of your new electric vehicle? Our various mobile charging solutions have been designed to meet your needs for an event, trade show, or press launch. They are easy and quick to set up! 




The brief: in early 2022, Ford Europe intends to invite 1,890 people (journalists, employees, customers) to Catalonia to test the new E-Transit, a 100% electric utility vehicle. The specifications outlined by the organizing agency, Facets, involve daily charging of the batteries of 40 vehicles for six weeks! 

The response: Challenge accepted and won! Thanks to the deployment of six mobile containers (200 kVA / 300 kWh) to reinforce the electrical infrastructure of the building at the Logistics Activity Zone of the Port of Barcelona and to power 40 chargers (22 kW AC Type 2) set up by GCK Energy. 

ORECA Events

The brief: to gain a better understanding of its client manufacturer’s latest electric vehicle, ORECA Events recently organized training sessions for dealers and salespeople. The chosen site did not have sufficient power supply, so the agency called upon GCK Energy to deploy a temporary electric vehicle charging solution. 

The response: GCK Energy deployed 2 energy storage modules, allowing simultaneous power supply to 8 AC charging stations. These installations ensured the charging of 16 demonstration vehicles over a week, facilitating two daily test rotations. 

Our products tailored to your needs!

Connected mobile charging station – 2,3 to 22 kW

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Energy Container 200 kVA / 300 kWh

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Branchement temporaire au réseau

Mobile charging container 5×11-22 kW AC

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Pod AC 11 kW

Mobile charging module 4 x 11 kW AC

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